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X-LIBRIS Project 

Started: 2014 ã.       Completed: 2016 ã.

X-LIBRISX-LIBRIS (2014-1-TR01-KA200-012958) is a Strategic Partnership for Adult Education within the Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices Key Action of Erasmus+ Program.

Overall goal of the project is to organize a series of training and in-service training activities in order to develop user-centred new library services based on smart ICT. With this goal, X-LIBRIS will develop Open Education Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

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NARRation - Acquisition of Basic skills in Libraries and Schools

Started: 2014 ã.       Completed: 2016 ã.

AQUA NARRABILISNarrative skills are the ability to describe things and events and tell stories. They are basic skills and key-competences, which are essential for literacy, first and second language learning and certainly also for active citizenship and participation in democracy.
They are also crucial for effective, active and engaging communication in any disciplinary field.
The aims of project is to develop:
• practical methods like conventional story telling (based on books), reading books aloud, power point presentations of picture books (story book theatres), kamishibai, dramatizing book contents, puppet or shadow plays which can all contribute to raising narrative skills,
• hands-on and tangible material (e.g. material for puppet or shadow plays)
• educational activities (didactic models) and
• easily accessible and up-to-date open educational resources (OER) in diverse European languages for the use in library work with children, in primary schools (age group: 6 - 1 2 years) and in kindergartens ( 3 - 6 years).



LoCloud Project

Started: 2013 ã.       Completed: 2016 ã.

LoCloudLoCloud is a Best Practice Network co-funded under the CIP ICT-PSP programme of the European Commission which will enrich the Europeana content by adding over 4 million digitised items from European cultural institutions.
LoCloud is supporting small and medium-sized institutions in making their content and metadata available to Europeana, by exploring the potential of cloud computing Technologies.
A cloud-based technology infrastructure will enable the aggregation of local content and a number of micro-services will help to reduce technical, semantic and skills barriers and to render the content more discoverable and interoperable.

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NTVIS Project 

Started: 2012 ã.       Completed: 2014 ã.

Digital Literacy 2.0New Transgenerational Visual Literacy Project introduces the concept of New Visual Literacy bringing together Youth and seniors to cooperate in a common framework and thus foster new transgenerational learning contents.

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Europeana Awareness Project   

Started: 2012 ã.       Completed: 2014 ã.

Europeana Awareness Project Europeana Awareness Project- publicises Europeana to users, policy makers, politicians and cultural heritage organisations in every Member State so as to encourage the use and contribution of content, raises awareness of cultural heritage as an economic driver and promotes knowledge transfer.

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Digital Literacy 2.0 Project

Started: 2012 ã.       Completed: 2014 ã.

Digital Literacy 2.0The project Digital Literacy 2.0 (DLit2.0) follows an ICT based train-the-trainer and qualify-the-users approach. It sets out to develop and implement training programmes for staff in non- and informal learning settings such as Public Libraries, community and care centres to enable them for the use of Web 2.0 and the provision of ICT based non-formal learning offers to socially disadvantaged and learning distant people.

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Started: 2009 ã.       Completed: 2013 ã.

Glob@l LibrariesThe main objective of the Glob@l Libraries Programme is to provide all citizens with equitable access to up-to-date, effective and quality information and communication services in public libraries.

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Workshop "Alive History"

Started: 2011 ã.       Completed: 2011 ã.

The workshop “Alive History” focuses on the exchange of knowledge between cultural institutions and generations through developing and implementing innovative and traditional practices for life-long learning. The practices are providing skills for gathering, preserving and disseminating regional history throughout modern communication technologies and their tools.

The workshop's prorgamme includes the research work of authors – local historians and investigators, library and museum specialists, social and public figures, journalists and teachers. The study modules for knowledge transfer present the local cultural and historical artefacts by converting them into objects of survey of the new technologies and realizing them into digital models.

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EuropeanaLocal Project     

Started: 2008 ã.       Completed: 2011 ã.

Europeana Local ProjectEuropeanaLocal develops over three years a Best Practice Network improving the interoperability of the digital content held by regional and local institutions and making it accessible through the Europeana service of the European Digital Library (EDL) and to other services. There is a pressing need to involve Europe’s network of local and regional libraries, museums and archives in making available the enormous amount of digital content that they hold through Europeana.

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Life-long Learning for Senior Citizens

Started: 2008       Completed: 2010

LL4S ProjectLLS reads out Life-long Learning for Senior Citizens. It focuses on services with an aim to improve quality of life by learning processes for seniors.

It was a learning experience for staff and targets people working with seniors and/or learning processes in local authorities and non-governmental organizations. The processes within the project were run in full-scale tests to the benefit of seniors. Methods were evaluated in order to make services transferable between places, with new evaluations of adapted versions in a different environment.



Started: 2008      

The TRACE project is a cultural project which examines the heritage value of the commemorative architectural objects from the socialist period in Bulgaria, for the purpose of integrating them in the social and cultural space of the modern city in a Europe, where presently historical cohabitation is a significant factor contributing to unity. The main issues center on the significance of these sites today and their potential as architectural and urbanistic works, cultural phenomena and constituents of the urban landscape.

Objectives: to initiate public debate on the future of the monumental architectural complexes. On the national and international plane, light ought to be shed on the questions and expectations raised by such places through a more analytical and artistic approach. The project proposes the development of a work platform, where everyone will be able to leave a trace of their own memory with regards to commemorative urban space.


AITMES Project: Applying IT Mobile Education in Schools and Libraries

Started: 2005       Completed: 2007

The goal of the project is to introduce new ways of electronic education using mobile technologies, in order to improve the educational methodology according to the multitude of educational scenarios based on Internet technology.
Objectives: The training is realized through playing real scenarios. Experiencing, analyzing and observing these scenarios enable working out the methodology of the process. That is a way to improve the qualification of the specialists (librarians and teachers) participating in the project.

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ABLE Project - American-Bulgarian Library Exchange

Started: 2003       Completed: 2007

It is based on the successful project for cooperation between the libraries in Bulgaria and Colorado, USA. The beginning was in 1996 and now there are 10 cooperating public libraries. The balance sheet of the project showed its success, as well as the areas that needed to be improved. In addition to expanding the partnership, the libraries in Bulgaria express the need of communication in field of public information services, the work with the local authorities and the support of the libraries.

Objectives: To improve the abilities of libraries in Bulgaria to provide electronic public information services to the local authorities and the Bulgarian citizens in at least five public libraries.

To rise interest and support by the Bulgarian government and public leaders in order to expand the part of the libraries in the democratic society.

To develop a continuously expanding network of libraries in Bulgaria and in the USA which will look for supplementary financing from charity organizations in order to improve the computer equipment in the Bulgarian libraries.

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'Digital Library Funds of Periodicals' Project

The aim of the project is to facilitate the access to the articles from Bulgarian periodicals and to improve their preservation.
Participants in the project: New Bulgarian University /Library-coordinator/, ''Pencho Slaveykov' Public Library - Varna, “P.R. Slaveykov” Public Library – Veliko Tarnovo, Sofia City Library, Library at Sofia Technical University.
Digital funds can be used in the Information Center.


CALIMERA Project     http://www.calimera.or

Started: 2004       Completed: 2006

The network of CALIMERA project mobilizes local cultural institutions for their new role of key factors in the process of conversion of innovative technologies in useful service for ordinary citizens, setting European cultural inheritance in favour of the citizen.
Considerable element is striving of Europe for an approach with strengthening orientation to the person. This is an approach of using technologies by and for the citizens, allowing to everyone to join to the Information community. Specific needs are considered like those of young people, disabled people, as well as problems concerning ageing of mankind. New services demand new means and first of all – new way of thinking.
CALIMERA network covers 42 countries – among them are all the countries from EU.
Varna Public Library participated in CALIMERA network with “Old Varna” project.


PULMAN Network

Pulman Logo      >> More info

Started: 2002       Completed: 2004

PULMAN Network project started within the research program of the Information Society Directorate-General of the European Commission, working on erection of easily accessible information society. European public libraries and cultural organizations have to play an important role for the development of new electronic Europe. PULMAN Network project stimulates and encourages sharing the experience in the field of politics of developed countries and practice in using digital technologies in public libraries and other cultural organizations, which work on local and regional levels.
“Pencho Slaveykov” Public Library participated in Pulman Network with “Old Varna” project.


'Help for the Book' Project

Started: 2004

The project was made by the National Center of the Book at the Ministry of Culture and aimed to enrich library funds. Resources are granted in help of acquisition and used for purchase of library materials of various fields of knowledge and fiction, intended for all departments of the library.
The project contributes to the addition of library collections, meeting the demand of all categories of readers.


'EIFL Direct' Project

Started: 2002       Completed: 2004

This is a joint project of 'Open society' Institute – Budapest, and EBSCO Publishing. - one of the biggest content providers in the world. The project provides access to full-text database, composed of more than 3000 magazines, newspapers, brochures and reference books, mainly in the field of social sciences and the arts.
After finishing the project, EBSCO Publishing databases can be used trough a subscription on co-operative bases, carrying out by Bulgarian Information Consortium. This information can be also found in the Information Center of 'Pencho Slaveikov' Public Library.


'Pushkin`s Library' Project

Started: 2000       Completed: 2002

'Pushkin`s Library' megaproject is prepared and developed by the Open Society Foundation - Russia. The project aims to support Bulgarian libraries with Russian-language literature. The titles are selected by experts and are distributed in fourteen fields of knowledge .The project was sponsored by Sofia Open Society. The donated Russian-language books can be found in the library book-stock.


'Sister Libraries' Project

Started: 1999       Completed: 2003

Combined project of Association of Libraries in Colorado, USA, and the Union of Librarians and Information Services Officers in Bulgaria for the exchange of  resources and information between Bulgarian and Coloradoan libraries.       

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'Deutscher Lesesaal' - German Reading-Room

A joint project of Goethe Institute and 'Pencho Slaveykov' Public Library. Deutscher Lesesaal - German Reading-Room, which is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. It was established in 1993 with the assistance of Goethe Institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. Many public manifestations such as exhibitions and presentations of books and photo-exhibitions, literary readings and movie-shows are held annually within the partnership of both institutes in the field of cultural politics.


'Pilot of Varna Historical Chronicle' Project

A joined project of Varna State Archive, Varna Regional Museum, Regional History Dept. of 'Pencho Slaveikov' Public Library and VASSAN Media.